Melbourne based Service Designer

With ten years of experience with design, research, prototyping and development

Hello world, My name is Jani and I'm kind of all round designer and design thinker: part service, interaction, experience and visual designer — oh, I also know how to code and lead teams too. My passion is to create experiences that allow users to complete their goals while having fun doing it. Currently I'm designing services and experiences with Deloitte Digital in Melbourne.

Today more and more interactions and touch-points between companies and customers have become digital. These touch-points can even be found inside your running shoes. I think that most of these devices and experiences could be designed better – that they are easier to use and creates real value to end users. Scroll down and read what I see as great design and experience, and how it can be accomplished.

Good design makes things easier to use

Design is not only how things look, but also how things work

User's attention spans are getting shorter and expectations higher, therefore services must be designed with human centred methodologies. By paying attention to user needs, creating streamlined paths, valuable content through storytelling and thoughtful interactions, the overall user experience is surely more enjoyable, rewarding and even fun. Great user experience don't make users think – it's a flow that feels intuitive and offers right content at the right time.

Work together

Collaborative process enable best outcomes

I believe that the best outcomes in design projects can be accomplished with collaborative, lean and iterative process. Clients and end users can often reveal valuable insights to designers while observing their behavior and listening to their needs. Fulfilling these needs can be done most efficiently with small sprints that include prototyping, testing, evaluating, and continually improving; fail fast and learn quickly in order to build better products and services.

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